Your HVAC system eats up a substantial part of your yearly energy consumptions. Luckily, you can take some measures to make the most out of its lifespan, efficiency, and minimize your energy bills. Keep on reading this article for more informative tips about how to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system: 

Replace or clean your HVAC filter 

Once your HVAC filters are cleaned, the faster the airflow will be as in enables more effective output that comes from your HVAC system. Its air filters could be clogged up particularly during extreme climates, which would require you to replace or clean it as frequent as once every month. Fortunately, filters are made to be user-replaceable or removable. To know the instructions, check your HVAC manual. 

Clean the vents 

Similar to your air filters, your vents must be cleared out of any type of obstructions. A lot of vent designs are made to be removed easily to be cleaned, however, you should be careful upon doing so to prevent harming its electrical connectors. Once you own a duct system and you have not had your ducts cleaned for a long time already, it is highly suggested that you need to have them cleaned by the professionals.  

Consider investing in fenestrations that are energy efficient 

Fenestrations are opening that are set up on your property’s skylights, entry doors, windows, and exterior walls. The old types of fenestrations are manufactured out of single-pane glass, meaning they enable heat to flow through via conduction. The results of a loss of heat throughout the winter season and gain of heat every summer. Because of this, more output from your HVAC system will be needed to compensate for the right temperature needed. You can help enhance the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system by selecting energy-efficient fenestrations, especially those that feature insulated frames, triple or double-pane glass. 

Never neglect scheduled inspections 

If a certified technician is already checking your HVAC system, it is best to stick to the dates of inspection and do not forget about them later on. Once an inspection is conducted by the experts, it could be beneficial in allowing you to detect small issues, like damage, leaks, and energy consumption problems.  

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